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Lot 10
A 1966 Shelby GT350 Chassis: SFM6S1513

The story of the Shelby Mustangs and the chicken farmer from Texas, Carroll Shelby is one of the best known in automotive history. When the Mustang was released in April 1964 it was a smash hit but despite Ford's best endeavours it did not really have a performance image in the newly emerging muscle car market. Ford's attempt to position the car as a "sports car", head to head with the Corvette, came unglued when they were rebuffed by the Sports Car Club of America so they turned to Carroll Shelby and his contacts. To be a "sports car" it had to be a two seater, the engine or the suspension could be modified but not both - they were the rules and the foundation for the 1965 Shelby GT 350 and one of motoring's great legends. Of the 1965 production, there were 36 "R" cars, hugely and instantaneously successful on the track. All the 1965-66 cars started life in Ford's San Jose plant and arrived at Shelby's plant, semi complete - 562 cars completed in 1965 and 2378 cars in 1966, including 999 Hertz "rent a racer" cars.
The name "GT 350" has nothing to do with engine size or power. As Carroll told the story, after endless meetings, he asked Phil Remington what he thought the distance was between the production shop and the race shop. "About 350 feet" replied Remington, to which Shelby responded "that's what we will call it"… "If it is a good car the name won't matter. And, if it is a bad car, the name won't save it"!
The 1965 cars with Detroit lockers, side exhausts, modified A arms, fibreglass hood, Fairlane Wagon rear brakes, 306 hp, Borg Warner 4 speeds, 9" diff, track bars, were thinly disguised racers that came in one colour "Wimbledon White". For 1966, the cars were a little more civilised, more than one colour, automatic available, side exhaust gone, Detroit locker now an option as were those famous stripes, under-ride track bars, even a fold down rear seat. A Paxton supercharger was on the option list. A little heavier, but the same basic body and dimensions.
Out of San Jose, every Mustang destined for Shelby, came with a Ford Vin number on the inner front fender. Once they arrived at Shelby's factory they received a second serial number which was pop riveted over the Ford Vin. The Shelby American Automobile Club, [SAAC] the custodians of these cars, will never disclose the Ford Vin but they will confirm whether the Shelby serial number and the Ford Vin you provide, match their factory records - the ultimate protection from fakes and imitations. SAAC jealously protects the marque and run arguably, one of the best Clubs and Car registries in the world with extraordinary detail available on almost every car produced.

The current owner purchased this car in Hanover, Pennsylvania in 2010 from Conover Racing and Restorations, well known and highly regarded Shelby experts. Originally sold by Courtesy Motors of Littleton Colorado for $3,695 in June 1966, the car is listed in the Register of the Shelby American Automobile Club [SAAC] and its authenticity has been verified by the 1965/66 SAAC Registrar, Howard C. Pardee of 4 Betty St, Waterford, CT 06385


GT350 Serial Number: SFM6S1513
Date of Request : November 22, 2010

"Regarding the serial numbers you provided: the Ford serial number
corresponds with the GT350 serial number I have on file - which
came directly from factory records….."

[SAAC will not tell you what the Ford chassis number is that matches up with the Shelby number, you have to tell them! It is one of the most tightly controlled Registers of classic cars in the world and is critical to the preservation of the marque's value]

Conover Racing and Restorations carried out a full rotisserie restoration of the car which was completed in early 2011. Before the car left the USA it was shown at the SAAC Nationals
- there can be no tougher judgment, as to authenticity and quality of a classic Shelby.

Shelby American Automobile Club [SAAC] USA National Concours, Virginia International Raceway May 31 2011:
Non-NOS Cars
II Gold 66 Shelby 66 GT350 Red 6S 1513 XXXXXXXXXXX, Rob South Yarra AU

The car was then exported to Australia under Import Approval 119908/3
At the Australian Nationals, not only did the car again win Gold, it also scooped the pool for Concours Excellence.
Mustang Club of Australia National Concours October 2011:
National Gold Award

XXXXXXXXXXXXX - 1966 Shelby GT350 Fastback Red


XXXXXXXXXXXXX - 1966 Shelby GT350 Fastback Red

Not shown for another two years and after a repaint to rectify some minor blemishes, it again went Gold in 2013:
Mustang Club of Australia National Concours October 2013 National Gold Awards

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1966 Shelby GT-350 - Candy Apple Red

Whether you want a "show car" or simply the confidence that the car you are buying is one of the very best in the World, the Concours history of this car provides that confidence.
Since 2013, the car has not been shown but it has been maintained in Concours condition and presents beautifully with recent detailing of the engine bay and the retrofit of the correct date coded "best available" [Scott Fuller] exhaust system as now required by SAAC. All the "little things" you only see in a Concours car - the unpainted dipstick tube, the yellow coil, the Autolite battery, the paint marks on the springs and driveshaft, the correct etching on all windows, the oil filler cap with the correct Ford logo… Even the "mistakes" are Concours correct - a little black overspray on the correct red oxide floor pan, firewall sound deadening is correctly "rough", as is the top of the firewall where the Export bar fits - great attention to detail.
The only thing that is "knowingly" not "Concours Correct" is the installation of a dual Master Cylinder, purely for safety after the owner had a failure in a brake line in another classic Shelby, while crossing North America! The original "Concours Correct" single Master Cylinder goes with the car.
However Shelbys were all made to be driven and this car drives superbly, the 289 is the original matching number engine, rebuilt in 2011 to run on unleaded fuel. It pulls strongly in any gear, shifts, steers and stops on the correct chrome Magnum wheels and "Blue Streak" Goodyear tyres.

Estimate $ 255,000-295,000

Sold for $255,000

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