Lot 23 - Motorclassica 2015 - Sale AS0206


Lot 23
A 1953 Bastert Einspurauto Motor Scooter Helmut Bastert's factory in Bielefeld, Germany built motor scooters for a short period between 1949 and the mid 1950s. It is best remembered for the unusual and rare Einspurauto. These expensive and sophisticated scooter-like bikes had a body fabricated from aluminium built up over a steel frame in a manner taken from aircraft production learnt during the second world war. The wheels were solid aluminium. It had an engine compartment light, Bosch ignition and twin taillights fashioned in a teardrop design. The dash panel included an individual light for each gear selected, and the rider's red leather-covered seat converted quickly to fashion a dual seat. In total it is believed approximately 1,200 units were built of which perhaps less than 20 still survive.

This incredibly rare and desirable machine offered is a superb example of the Bastert. In absolutely tip-top condition this is one of the most sought after of scooters amongst collectors for its build quality and aerodynamic looks. Part of the current owner's scooter collection for the past 12 years it came into his hands via another collector, a 1998 auction, a USA car collector and a German Museum.

Estimate $ 30,000-35,000

Sold for $23,000

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