Lot 3 - The Todd Barlin Collection - Sale AS0213


Lot 3
Eight Fine Old Barava and Bokolo Pieces, Western Solomon Islands, 18th - early 19th Century; all on custom made display stands.

Provenance: Tebbenham Collection. Tebbenham was on the Navy Ship the HSM Mohawk 1898 on a Punitive Expedition to the Western Solomon Islands due to head hunting raids on the neighbouring Islands.
Ex BL Hornshaw Collection Early 20th Century.

The most complex clam shell objects were barava, ornate openwork plaques created in the western Solomon Islands. The designs on some barava are geometric, but many include stylized human figures interspersed with forms that resemble faces, shown with spiral eyes and grinning mouths filled with minute teeth. Barava appear to have been associated with burial places and were reportedly used to adorn structures housing the skulls of prominent men, slain enemies or placed on graves. In the past, some barava formed part of vovoso, powerful charms carried in war canoes during head hunting expeditions to protect the crew and ensure success.
9 x 7.5cm - 11 x 11cm (8)
Estimate $ 600-800

Sold for $4,200

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