Lot 17 - The Todd Barlin Collection Part III Oceanic Art - Sale as0569


Lot 17
Four Old Ibeji Figures, Nigeria, early 20th Century [4],
all finely carved & decorated with glass beads & shells, old use patina, all on custom stands
Yoruba peoples have one of the highest incidences of twin births in the world. Twins are regarded as extraordinary beings protected by Sango, the deity of thunder. They are believed to be capable of bestowing immense wealth upon their families or misfortune to those who do not honour them. Powerful spirits in life, twins are honoured with carved memorial figures when they die. These figures, known as ere Ibeji (meaning: ere: sacred image; ibi: born; eji: two), remain a point of access to the spirit of the departed individual. The mother provides ritual care to the figures, bathing, dressing, adorning & feeding them, such daily handling is responsible for giving their surface its distinctive patina
H 25-26 cm
Estimate $600-800


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