Lot 82 - The Todd Barlin Collection Part III Oceanic Art - Sale as0569


Lot 82
An Important Collection of Old Glass Earrings, Geelvink Bay, North Coast, West Papua, Indonesia [15],
these glass earrings, called "dimbo" in local Warpoen language, were collected on the Warpoen Coast & Geelvink Bay along the North coast of West Papua in 1985-86, they were an important type of traditional wealth used for bride & compensation payments
Dia 4-6 cm

Swadling, P., Wagner, R., & Laba, B. Plumes from paradise: trade cycles in outer Southeast Asia & their impact on New Guinea &nearby islands until 1920. Papua New Guinea National Museum in association with Robert Brown & Associates, Queensland 1996

Ornament Magazine dated them as 13th Century Javanese made

Papuans had no glass technology, these were obtained from Malay Traders working for the Sultan of Tidore in exchange for Bird of Paradise skins native to the Island of New Guinea, the feathers were highly sought throughout SE Asia, China & Europe. Some glass bangles are of great antiquity, and are based on glass ornaments from the "Dong Song" bronze age culture of Vietnam (1000 BC to 1 BC). Trade between the Malays & Melanesians had continued for centuries, as evident in the trade goods they left behind such as ancient glass items like these earrings & also bangles
Estimate $600-800

Sold for $475

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