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Lot 19
A 1934 Packard V12 Formal Sedan in barn find condition Chassis: 732 15

The Packard Twelve engine of the 1930s is regarded as one of the most advanced for its time and beautiful of engines. It was possessed of more cubic inches, more torque and more horsepower than the sixteen cylinder Cadillac of the same period. In 1934 a Packard 12 Formal Sedan, a true thoroughbred, ruled the automotive world in North America, hence its title, "Boss of the Road".
John R. Bond, founder of Road & Track magazine said, "For my money give me a V-12 Packard every time - a car, in my opinion, superior to the Rolls-Royce Phantom III."

This Formal Sedan in barn find condition after many years of disuse is a most rare car. According to the 1978 book on the 1934 Packard Twelve, written by the late Edward J. Blend of Irwin, PA, the following 1107 formal sedans have been accounted for:732 14 15 18 24 28 40.

Evidence points to the fact that this car, 732 15, was originally sold at Park Avenue Packard in NYC and was owned by the Stegmaier family who had owned a brewery in Pennsylvania from 1857. In the 1960s the Packard was owned by Donald Rook also of Pennsylvania who had a company called 'Strictly Packard' and a Pennsylvania Financial Responsibility Identification Card shows it as still being his property as late as November 1989 and of it having appeared at the Hellerton Lions Club Antique Auto Show in 1978

Lately among Packard Twelve enthusiasts there has developed some interest in the Proving Ground inspector's sticker which was fastened to the left side of the outside of the passenger side glove box. Each Packard Twelve was run around the test track at the Proving Ground before being shipped to whichever dealer had ordered it. This sticker is still remaining in position in this wonderful automobile.

A significant opportunity is herewith presented to acquire what would surely be a most welcome addition to any concours worldwide post restoration of a vehicle that appears to have all of its original component parts completely together.

Estimate $ 75,000-85,000

Sold for $75,000

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