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Lot 25
A 1937 Derby Bentley 4 1/4 litre by Park Ward Chassis: BK47KU
Engine: T5BS

A beautiful and complete Derby Bentley in original condition, 1937 Park Ward 4 1/4 litre CC Razor Edge Pillarless Saloon in two-tone light and dark brown, with spats fitted over wire wheels. Purchased new in April 1937 by Captain Tom Barr Smith and brought to Australia where it remained in the Barr Smith family for many years. The car was sold in about 1949 before being bought back in1963 by Tom Barr Smith the younger . Dick Cobden (a racing driver and enthusiast in period) and then George Thompson who was a well known second hand car dealer and member of the Sporting Car Club of SA were owners in this interim period

As a CC Razor Edge Pillarless Saloon by Park Ward, it is one of the first Derby's to have a steel body frame rather than a wooden frame which has enabled the body, number B264, to remain straight and true rather than sagging, as is the misfortune over time of many wood framed examples.

Barr Smith drove the car for a few years before sending it back to the UK to a firm named S Brunt and Co. who performed a restoration job. Barr Smith and his wife owned the car for many years and used it for their daughter's wedding some 21 years after the Brunt restoration. At one point Tom Barr Smith held the Collingrove PVT hill climb record in it for a period of time. It was sold in the early 1990s to Mr William Hodder and then to the current owner shortly afterwards in 1997. When purchased by the current owner in April 1997 the odometer reading was 54,843 miles. Currently the odometer reading is 60,460 miles. Servicing by the current owner over the past 18 years includes a pair of new axle shafts and differential repair work together with brake, suspension and steering maintenance and general servicing work as required. All work has been carried out by Melbourne Bentley specialist maintenance and repair expert Rob McDermott.

Included with the car is a complete original tool/accessories kit and an original pair of leather fitted suitcases for the rear trunk, plus a travelling trunk to fit the rear drop down boot cover to cater for picnic and travelling requirements. All headlight, window and screen glasses are original as is the tool kit. The original order specification form and the original ignition/door key are included as is the spare (original) distribution points mounted on the firewall. This Bentley is in very good condition and performs beautifully, starting easily every time and driving beautifully despite it approaching 80 years of age. It is featured in the Third James Flood Book of Early Motoring.

Drivers manuals old and new, key, original (much faded) order specification form and log book from 1997 are available. Replacement coils have been fitted for reliability.

Estimate $ 195,000-260,000


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